As a new team in the Southern League, few is known about the Warfighters. They come from the Northern League as a result of a betting between the owners of Southern League and Northern League about which league wins in audience. The Southern League won and the Northern League owner had to pass him three franchises. As many of the teams in the League, Knoxville will play dirty if they're in trouble. Even the Warfighters have many good players, they only led in the Northern League's Suspension record, with 15 players suspended, but with a record of 7 won games and 4 lost games. Their stadium is too a mental hospital.

Team Captain: Antonio Montana (Middle Linebacker #54)

Speciality: Linebackers

ROSTER (Not Completed)Edit

  • 4 Phillip Bauer QB

Running Backs

  • 28 Brian Wedge RB
  • 35 Charlie Bowers FB
  • 54 Antonio Montana ILB
  • 99 James Sandler LOLB
  • 51 Ralph Gomez ROLB

Defensive Backs

  • 21 Drew Wright CB
  • 41 Grom Dawber CB
  • 36 Derek Westbrook SS
  • 31 Gary Overbeck FS

Special Teams

  • 9 William Dallig K
  • 3 Jones Johnson P