• Slayers: Win a game against the Madison Stomers using the Milwaukee Hounds in HARD difficulty.
  • Warriors: Injure Kelvin Donaldson and Tyler Neal in HARD difficulty.
  • Twisters: Win a game in HARD difficulty using only rushing plays and rush for 400+ yards.
  • Raptors: Catch every pass in a game and have 300+ receiving yards.
  • Troopers: Shut out the computer in a game with 5 interceptions.
  • Hunters: Sack the QB 10 times using the Defensive Line.
  • Doomers: Intercept 10 passes.
  • Moscow Spestnaz: Perform an Unleash move on Viktor Zergski during the Division III Championship match and win the game.
  • Berlin Angreifers: Play 20 Exhibition matches.
  • Washington Agents: Play 30 Exhibition matches.
  • New York Shamrocks: Defeat the New York Nightmare using a New York created team in Division III.
  • New York Dutchmen: Defeat the New York Nightmare in a Division I match.
  • Las Vegas Aces: Rush for 400+ yards using Las Vegas Knights running back in MEDIUM or HARD difficulty.
  • Miami Hammerheads: Have your QB to throw for 300+ yards, rush for 150+ yards and score 4 rushing TDs.
  • Supermax Prison: Play 20 Bonecrushers matches.
  • Miltown Correctional Facility: Play 20 Bonecrushers matches.


  • Prison: Injure 100 players.
  • World War II Battlefield: Injure 50 players and execute 50 successful triages. Unlock Bonecrushers.
  • Army Bowl: Defeat the Moscow, Berlin and Washington Agents teams in Exhibition.

Game ModesEdit

  • Bonecrushers: Complete the 'Defense' portion of Training Camp or injure 10 players in one game.
  • Buttafingaz: Force 3 fumbles in one game.
  • Lucky-7s: Win 5 matches with an score being a multiple of 7. (14, 21, 28, 35, 42, 49, 56, 63, 70, etc.)
  • Prison Ball: Play 50 matches.
  • All or Nothing: Shut out the computer in 5 games.
  • No Injuries: Have your team captain knocked out in 5 games.


  • Manhunt: Knock out all the team captains in Campaign. 75G
  • Humiliation: Using a Division III team, defeat another in Division I in HARD difficulty. 25G
  • You My Prison Bitch: Shut out the computer in a game of Prison Ball. 20G
  • Bulldozer: Sack the QB 10 times. 20G
  • Anatomy Lesson: Target all the body parts. 40G
  • Testikill: Rupture 10 scrotums. 20G
  • Iron Balls Man: Score 2 TDs with an injured player playing on the field. 20G
  • Memory to the Fallen: Have your backup players to have a better performance than the starter ones. 30G
  • Face of the League: Beat the campaign once. 100G
  • Dr. Feelgood: Execute 30 successful triages. 30G
  • Party Boy: Execute all the touchdown celebrations. 20G
  • Anger Management: Execute 10 late hits in one game. 20G
  • Welcome to The League: Complete the Training Camp. 20G
  • Brawler: Execute 20 late hits in one game. 20G
  • The Pain Train: Have one player to injure all the opposing starter players. (Excepting linemen) 50G
  • OWNED!: Intercept 5 passes in one game. 25G
  • GTFO: Execute 5 QB avoidances in one game. 20G
  • They came for our blood...: Play once with the Moscow Spetsnaz. 5G
  • But drown in their own.: Win a game in HARD difficulty using the Moscow Spetsnaz. 25G